The law firm VASIĽ, ŠIMONOVIČ & partners, s.r.o. is a dynamically developing law office providing legal services in various areas of law, particularly in the area of commercial law, civil law, real estate law and criminal law. Other areas we will provide you qualified legal advice on tax law, intellectual property, family law and as well as in regard to the law provision of health care.

Legal services will provide fully except the Slovak language also in English, Russian and French.

In order to provide maximum security and protection of the rights and privileges of our clients working closely with tax advisers, accountants, experts from various sectors of expert witnesses as well as surveying company.

Our basic purpose is highly qualified providing legal advice, professional approach to client problems, fast processing of a given problem solving and creativity. As part of our activities in accordance with § 23 of Act no. 586/2003 Z.z. on Advocacy, as amended, we are bound to secrecy in its entirety in relation to our clients. For ours actions, we are fully responsible for any damage caused directly by the Insurance Act.

Quality and professional approach to the Law firm VASIĽ, ŠIMONOVIČ & partners, s.r.o. valued at several companies (national and transnational), NGOs, civic associations and individuals, law firm clients.

Our law office is part of international lawyers group, European lawyers group (

We believe that our experience and knowledge of commercial law and other branches of the law, but also the experience of courtroom experience and business experience will benefit your company and we believe we can become a support and a reliable partner in your new business.


JUDr. Martin Vasil, partner