Law office VASIĽ, ŠIMONOVIČ & partners, s.r.o. offers you the opportunity to consult your business and other activities, plans and intentions, even in a time before your actual execution as well as later, and so you advance to obtain detailed information on the legal consequences of your actions, expand the legal consciousness and prevent serious cases of litigation or existential problems that later are often very difficult to solve or are not solvable at all.

Advantages of online consulting

  • a simple procedure to assign of legal issue
  • speed communication (up to 24 hours you have an analyze, response to your email)
  • comfort of your home without having to visit a lawyer
  • acceptable cost of legal services that you always know in advance before ordering analysis solutions
  • taciturnity of all facts

The procedure for entering the legal issue:

  • Fill in required information in the form below (email is required, because without his assignment we will not be able to send you back analysis)
  • heading into a legal issue describe in detail the facts of your situation, your problems
  • promptly after receiving your message we will send you a quotation for an analysis, solving your problem
  • After your agreement with price, within 24 hours after your payment we well send the analysis to your email

Online legal advice