Commercial law:

  • elaborating and appraisal of business contracts
  • companies law /founding of companies, registration and entering of changes in the Commercial Register, elaborating of internal documents of companies, mergers and acquisitions of companies, transfers of ownership interests, increase and reduction of registered capital, winding-up and liquidation of companies, deletion from the Commercial Register/
  • bankruptcy law
  • debts recovery
  • unfair competition
  • representation of a client in procedures on courts in all its phases
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • due diligence

Civil law:

  • real estates transfers
  • lease and sub-lease contracts
  • other civil law contracts
  • backbond instruments
  • assets transfer
  • insurance law
  • liability
  • protection of personage
  • family law /divorces, husband and divorced husband alimony, regulation of rights and obligations on infancy children/
  • marriage property rights /agreements, settlement of an estate by the entirety/

Labour law:

  • labour law /counseling, enclosing and termination of an employment, labour statutes, damage liability of an employer and employee/
  • representation of a client in procedures on courts in all its phases

Criminal law:

  • criminal law counseling to businessmen
  • representation of a victim of malefactions in criminal procedures on courts
  • defense of accused person in all stages

Financial and tax law:

  • securities law
  • bank law
  • stock exchanges law
  • investment funds law and investment companies law
  • fiscal law

Intellectual property law:

  • trademark law
  • computer law /protection of software and Internet subjects/
  • copyright law
  • representation of a client in procedures on courts in all its phases

Others areas of activity:

  • Handling, processing and analysis of legal contracts
  • Formation, dissolution and liquidation of Slovak companies / and with foreign participation / and companies under European Union law
  • Offshore / onshore companies
  • National and cross-border mergers and divisions of companies
  • International trade law and international trade
  • Economic Law
  • Arbitration
  • Investments
  • Legal relations relating to bills (Bills of exchange right)
  • Securities
  • Administrative Law